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The Importance of Montessori Teacher Training Course

If you’ve wanted to become a teacher and develop universal a skill-set that would help you become as adept a teacher in Varsova Mumbai as in Vanuatu, then Montessori Education is the right vocation for you.

Montessori is an instructional approach focused on self-driven practice, hands-on learning and interactive play. Kids make creative choices in their learning at the Montessori classrooms, while the classroom and the highly trained teacher offer age-appropriate activities to guide the process. Children work in groups and to discover and explore world knowledge individually, and to develop their maximum potential.

What is the teachers role in a Montessori Classroom?

The position of the instructor at Montessori is different from that of conventional teachers. Traditional teachers are delivering a lesson to a wide group of students required to listen to and absorb the knowledge. Montessori teachers work with only one or two students at a time, offering learning content for each child`s needs and interests in the class. The teachers instruct, present a lesson or silently observe children as they are working. Throughout this way, the children operate in a friendly atmosphere at their own pace.

Learning in a Montessori Classroom

If a child is not ready a instructor from Montessori should not force the child to understand. The instructor, for example, connects an item to its name, such as "book," and asks the child to identify the term. When the child points to the source, then the connection was made. If not, then the teacher will not correct the child but will repeat the lesson another day. The Montessori program allows the child time to clear up the consciousness and be able to make another day for the group. The Montessori program believes they`ll keep getting the connection wrong by forcing a child.

Montessori Teacher Training –a different skill-set?

A Montessori teacher needs specialized skill-sets. Through a good Montessori teacher training program, you will learn how to identify the interests of each student, their learning style and personality through observation skills. This is important to understand when students are open to learning, so you can incorporate lessons that are more complex. As a creative facilitator, you have skills which function as a resource for children. To inspire development through the program and develop new skills, you give motivation and assist them in their achievements. Through character development skills, you`re creating an atmosphere that nurtures characteristics that help children grow critical reasoning, social comprehension, and problem-solving skills to become good citizens of the world.

To summarize, a Montessori teacher`s job is to nurture a child development program through the philosophy of guidance as opposed to rote learning of a prescriptive syllabus. In the formative years of child development when a child’s brain works like a sponge, this philosophy of guidance has proven to be immensely beneficial. A good Montessori teacher training course like this will help aspirants understand how to become true Montessorians in adopting this philosophy of guidance over all else.

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