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Montessori teacher training

Montessori Teacher Training (MTT)

“Montessori is an instructional approach focused on self-driven practice, hands-on learning and interactive play. Children make imaginative choices in their learning at the Montessori classes, while the classroom and the highly skilled instructor provide age-appropriate activities to direct the process.Earn your professional teaching practice diploma with Atheneum’s internationally recognized Montessori Education qualification.”

Montessori Educators

Montessori education is focused on the idea that children have an inherent capacity to learn and that, when assisted by an appropriate environment and educator, they are guided by their developmental needs in order to reach their full potential.

A Montessori classroom usually consists of a qualified Montessori teacher assisted by a Montessori assistant. In general, Montessori teachers have a standard teacher certification as well as extra Montessori specific training. The teacher is a guide or facilitator whose job is to help the young child in his or her cycle of self-development. They are mainly an observer, discreetly and closely observing the growth of each child, identifying and understanding the needs of each child.

The instructor creates a bond between the child and the prepared environment, introducing the child to every piece of equipment when he or she is ready in a precise, transparent and attractive manner. The most important aspect of a Montessori teacher training is the love and appreciation she has for a child's complete being.

The task of the Montessori assistant is to help the teacher and encourage peace and order in the classroom. They admire and appreciate the individuality of each child while continuously fostering and encouraging a love of learning. The assistant is a keen educator who is informed about developmentally acceptable actions and activities and respects the individual needs and desires of children.

Montessori Programs

Main characteristics in all important aspect of a Montessori teacher training programs:

Prepared Adult – informed about the developmental stage of infants, young adults, and people with whom they communicate.

A Prepared Environment – Creative, well-ordered and multi-age groupings, providing activities that relate to the unique needs of the age group. The built setting occupies both internal and external areas.

In these conditions, children, young adults and adults consider what is important for their individual growth while gaining real life knowledge of what it means to lead a full life in the company of others; of what it means to exercise freedom of choice while still taking responsibility for the effect of their decisions on the well-being of the society in which they live and the world in which they work.

Montessori Environments

The Montessori educational environment is specifically designed for child-centered learning.

The world of Montessori:-

  • Designed to reflect the developmental characteristics and desires of a mixed age group within the range identified;
  • Encourages vibrant and purposeful participation in both indoor and outdoor settings;
  • Can be adapted to any kind of culture or setting;
  • Exercise through the careful assessment by the qualified adult of both universal and individual needs as shown by each particular learner.
  • The visible setting includes accessible furniture, a wide variety of work spaces and scientifically engineered materials for free choice of activity. Both materials promote concrete discovery, which contributes to both realistic and abstract awareness. Such research is facilitated by the minimalist lessons provided by a professional Montessori instructor accompanied by hands-on, self-directed, and self-directed learning that can be adult, collaborative, or peer-to - peer.
  • The absence of a regular schedule and the introduction of reasonable limitations to operation establish an atmosphere that encourages freedom, trust , self-discipline, mutual interest, social interaction and environmental stewardship. The outcome is a thriving learning environment marked by successful physical , moral and emotional growth as well as strong academic achievements.

Montessori Courses at Atheneum Global Teacher Training College

We offer three courses –
1. Certificate Course – Perfect for candidates looking for a short term (3-4 months) engagement to acquire the core learnings of Montessori Education to apply it to practice in the classroom or even at home a Montessori mothers.
2. Graduate Course – The graduate course is ideal for aspiring Montessori teachers who are looking to gain an understanding of the Montessori Method and build solid credentials as Montessori Educators with an eye out for the global Montessori classroom.
3. Post Graduate Course – The post graduate course is meant for graduates from any discipline who want core sector expertise in Montessori Education and work as subject matter experts or Senior Montessorians in Montessori schools around the globe.

Level 5 Global Qualifications from UK

Students pursuing the Post Graduate course are also qualified to pursue the Level 5 Global Qualification in Montessori Education awarded by the Awarding Body of UK’s regulatory body for qualifications,Ofqual.

Athenum Global, as a recognized InternationalTraining Provider, accredited by an Ofqual recognized Awarding Organization, brings UK Qualifications now closer to you. Ofqual is UK's regulator of qualifications and has oversight over all qualifications in theUK.

What this implies for Atheneum Global graduates is that they have nowaccess to a UK endorsement of their certifications in additionto AtheneumGlobal’sown certification process. This is tremendously beneficial for all our international graduates who know howvaluable a UK qualification is for their future career as aneducator. A UK based Awarding Body's endorsement is atestimony to the quality of coursework that learners gothrough as part of their course requirement. This means a lot when you want to pursue international careers or eventeaching assignments in International schools.

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