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The Montessori Teacher Training course aims at helping the teachers develop a complete skill set required to influence the children towards mastering their talents.

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A Montessori student Holding a Laptop while smilling
A Montessori student Holding a Laptop while smilling
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Our online Montessori teacher training course is meticulously designed considering the requirements of Montessori education. Our free trial class with no commitments will help you make an informed decision before enrolling for the course.

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What Sets Atheneum Global Apart From Others?

There are many factors that set us apart from others. However, we would like to highlight a few of them which we take pride in.


Avail of the best and unparalleled Montessori training with our affordable fee structure.


Atheneum Global holds international accreditations and complies with all the rigorous standards and procedures.


Fast track your career with our globally accepted online Montessori teacher training course and land a dream job at your desired location.


Access the Montessori training course at any time and anywhere at your own pace.

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Why Is Atheneum Global The Best for Montessori Training?

The academics, as well as the life lessons required by the kids, differ as per their age. Their pace too varies accordingly. Montessori education acknowledges these differences and has therefore garnered the reputation of being a highly-efficient teaching system.

The online Montessori teacher training course offered by Atheneum Global proves to be the right choice for you because of the following reasons -

Proven expertise in the field of Montessori education.

Educate the learners with the innovative processes of Montessori education.

Online, affordable and self-paced.

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Online Montessori Teacher Training Courses

To start your career as a Montessori teacher, it is crucial to pursue a professional course from an accredited teacher training institute. Atheneum Global provides you with the following courses that are accredited both nationally and internationally.

Certificate in Montessori Teacher Training

Graduate in Montessori Teacher Training

Post Graduate in Montessori Teacher Training

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Frequently Asked Questions

How our students feel Learning with Atheneum is fun and addictive. Earn points for What do you mean by?

1. What are the various courses offered under Montessori Teacher Training?

You can pursue several courses under the subject of Montessori Teacher Training. To become a professional Montessori teacher, you can do the following courses:

1. Certificate course in Montessori Teacher Training

2. Graduate in Montessori Teacher Training

3. Post graduate in Montessori Teacher Training

Montessori teacher training course by Atheneum promotes a healthy structure of teaching to educators and provides them with new and creative ideas to encourage learning among children, while taking care of their development needs. The course is enriched with every essential component necessary for enhancing a montessori educator’s personality to fit the role.

The usual fee range of Montessori Teacher Training courses is between Rs. 9500 to Rs. 25500, depending upon the course you choose. Atheneum Global accounts for the most affordable teacher training courses including all necessary study materials and teaching within an internationally accredited teaching system.

Usually a Montessori teacher training course is concerned with the accurate Montessori method, practical knowledge of ideas, significance of early childhood education in the development process, sensory education, different innovative methods and administration learning.

One must have done a certificate course or a graduation or post graduation degree in montessori teacher training to become qualified for the role of a montessori teacher. The minimum qualification includes a certificate course in the same. Atheneum Global offers the best courses that are accepted everywhere.

A Montessori teacher training course has a duration of 4 months to 15 months, depending upon the type of course you opt for.

Becoming a Montessori teacher is a respectable, satisfying and fulfilling job. One can work in a stressful environment and get equipped with creative ideas daily. It is a rewarding job and a person with a proper Montessori training course has a lot of opportunities to work in a Montessori school.