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These Terms and Conditions apply to all individuals who undertake a course with Atheneum Global. This is an agreement between you and Atheneum Global. The service is provided by Atheneum Global, DE 2B VIP Road, Kolkata 59, West Bengal, India.


1. Course requirements

When you enrol on Atheneum Global courses, we will:
1. You confirm that you are a native speaker of English or, if a non-native speaker, have an English level of CEFR C1 or above. If you are not sure what level your English is, there are several websites where you can test it yourself, for example,
2. You confirm that you are willing and able to accept and act upon feedback received from course tutors.
3. You accept that if a tutor feels that your language ability is not adequate to begin a career as an English language teacher your work will be referred to the Academic Manager.
4. You understand that we reserve the right to discontinue your course if your English language skills are found to be insufficient.
5. You agree to deal with our staff in a courteous manner.

2. Our undertaking to you

When you enrol on Atheneum Global courses, we will:
1. Give you access to the course content within a reasonable time of receiving your payment.
2. Provide you with academic support from Atheneum Global support team via our ticket platform.
3. Provide you with technical and administrative support and advice by email or telephone.
4. Aim to respond to any request for support within 48 hours.
IN: +91-334058 5535
UK: +442038077020
5. Provide constructive feedback on your assignments normally within 8 days of submission (please note this may be longer during busy or holiday periods).
6. Show your final grade on your course gradebook immediately after you have passed the course.
7. Arrange for our awarding body to issue your certificate on receipt of the end of course survey (link to survey provided on successful completion of the final assignment).
If we do not meet these undertakings, you should provide detailed evidence to Atheneum Global either by email to [email protected] or written letter to the address above.

3. Time allowed for completion of the course

You are given access to the course for 6 calendar months from the date of your payment.
The final (3rd) assignment must be submitted at least 2 weeks before your end-date to allow time for marking and the possible need to resubmit.
You must upload your identity documents before your course end-date.
If you cannot complete the course within 6 months, you can arrange an extension. Atheneum Global will charge a further fee for each extension.
Please contact Student Support Services
on [email protected] to discuss extension options and current prices.

4. What is required to pass the course?

Atheneum Global 168-hour TEFL course is a Level 5 course. Enrolment on the course does not automatically lead to successful completion of the course. Students who do not reach the required standard will not pass the course and will not receive a certificate. In order to pass the course, you must pass all the online end of unit tests and pass the three submitted assignments.

Online end of Unit tests

You must pass all assessment criteria in course tests in order to progress to the next unit.
The pass mark for an end of unit test is 40%.
You can re-take the online tests as many times as you need to pass. The questions in your re-sit test will be different, but they will cover the same topics.
You will be able to see your test attempts and the marks you got for each section, so this will help you decide what you need to revise. If you have a query about any particular question, please send a ticket to the tutor support platform. There is no penalty for re-sitting tests.
This will not affect your final grade and the number of attempts will not be recorded on your certificate.
The average mark of your three assignments will determine your final grade.

Marking time

We aim to mark assignments within 8 days after submission. For example, if you submit on a Thursday, you should expect to receive your feedback by Friday of the following week. However, this is not guaranteed.

5. Plagiarism

The reputation of this qualification is dependent on our students' academic integrity. Atheneum Global does not tolerate plagiarism, nor the use of third parties, electronically or otherwise, to produce your assignments. If you take any text or teaching ideas from elsewhere, you must provide a clear indication that you have done so and reference such items properly. Work submitted for the assignments must be your own.
If you are found to have sourced any part of your work from another student's assignment, your enrolment will be cancelled without refund and you will not receive a certificate. We appreciate that some students study this course with a friend, and indeed would encourage you to work in this way. However, assignments must be produced entirely independently.
You must not discuss the assignments on open forums, nor publish any part of your assignment or the assignment instructions or documents. You must not request to see others' work, nor offer to show, give or sell any part your own work to others. Any student found to have purchased copies of our assignments from any source, whether or not the student has used that material in their own assignments, will be immediately expelled from the course. Students who have already passed the course and are subsequently identified as having done this will have their qualification revoked.

6. Issue of certificates

Certificates will usually be sent out within 14 working days of completion of the end of course survey.
Atheneum Global and Focus Awards will always aim to dispatch
certificates as soon as possible. However, as some of our courses are regulated by Ofqual (UK Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) regulated awarding bodies, a certain percentage of students must be sampled and moderated to adhere to the accreditation requirements. This is standard for all qualifications on the National Qualifications Framework of England, Wales & Northern Ireland.
This process is beyond our control. We are unable to provide a date for certificate dispatch for students selected for moderation. Should you need confirmation of completion of the course however, we are able to provide a letter stating this free of charge.
After your certificate has been dispatched please allow for the following delivery timescales:
UK: Up to 5 working days
EU: Up to 15 working days
Non-EU: 20-30 working days

7. Issue of certificates


8. Privacy policy

Read our privacy policy here.

9. Extenuating circumstances, special educational needs or requirements

Please email Student Services at [email protected] to discuss your needs.

10. Cooling off period

Providing you have not started your course with Atheneum Global, and you decide you do not wish to do so, you can claim a full refund within fourteen days of booking. Should you decide to apply for a refund, please contact Atheneum Global at [email protected], stating the reasons for your request. Any combined course student requesting a refund within 7 days prior to their classroom course commencement will not be eligible for a refund. Atheneum Global will acknowledge receipt of your request within five working days. Refunds will normally be issued with 14 days. If you claim a refund, your access to the online course will be immediately removed.