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About TEFL

TEFL is an acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. As the name itself suggest with the help of the TEFL qualification you will become capable to teach students whose native language isn’t English. So you’ll be getting an opportunity to make international travels all while doing what you love to do, teach!

TEFL courses equip you to handle students who wish to learn English and the demand for qualified and well-trained teachers who can teach English is on the rise. Be it anywhere in the world for either teaching kids to educating adults, it could be in Malaysia, China or even Korea. You could thus say that the job opportunities list with a TEFL qualification is vast and so are the benefits we provide at Atheneum Global.

What is an Ofqual Regulated Qualification?

The Office of Qualifications and Exams Regulation (Ofqual) is a non-ministerial government agency that controls training, assessments and tests in England and also technical qualifications in Northern Ireland until May 2016. Offqual is often referred to as the "watchdog", both colloquially and officially.

This course is regulated by Focus Awards, an Ofqual recognized awarding organization (Qualification Number 603/4150/6 on the OFQUAL Register). According to Ofqual’s qualifications framework, it has been assessed to be of the same level and difficulty as the following: a diploma of higher education (DipHE), a foundation degree, 2 years at university and the CELTA and Trinity CertTESOL qualifications.

Regulated Qualifications are regarded of higher value to Certificates of Achievement, as the certificate for a Regulated Qualifications demonstrates that the learner has attained a qualification approved by both a UK Regulator and recognised Awarding Organisation.

What is a Level 5 (168 hours) Diploma in TEFL ?

The Level 5 Course in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (RQF) for those who wish to teach English to those who speak other languages. The qualification aims to develop knowledge and skills in a specialist area of teaching, allowing learners to teach English as a foreign language.

The Level 5 Course in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (RQF) is aimed at those leaners wishing to teach English as a Foreign language but have limited or no experience.

It is also the 'Big Daddy' of all courses on TEFL. When you start teaching and realize how much you enjoy it, you may want to throw your towel back home and stay overseas for a couple of years or forever (it happens!) in which case you can look at the Level 5 Diploma. The more training you have, the more opportunities you have and the more confident you feel, with anything.

Having a top qualification like a level 5 means that you can apply for the best jobs, earn more money and it opens up teaching jobs in the best TEFL markets including Japan, the Middle East and even the UK!

Best online TEFL course in India

When you look for TEFL courses in India online there are several institutions that claim to provide the best TEFL courses. But what you should be making note of is whether or not your course is accredited. Usually all the major course providers claim to have international accreditations, but these are the accreditations given to the institute at large and not specifically for the course that you might be looking for, which in this case is TEFL.

Atheneum’s level 5 TEFL course is among the best of TEFL courses in the world the reason being you’ll be trained on an expert level basis via the TEFL level 5course. It is opening doors to the finest of teaching jobs across the world as ours is a Ofqual TEFL course with UK qualification.

Online also helps you master the core concepts of teaching English to a non-English speaker from anywhere in India, anytime, no matter where you reside in. You could either be a student in Kolkata or a teacher in Chennai, with our level 5 TEFL course you’ll . Besides at Atheneum Global, our Ofqual level 5 TEFL courses are designed keeping in mind that you have to be moulded into a confident professional before you be face a whole new world outside.

Why should you join TEFL online program with Atheneum Global

Atheneum Global as a course provider itself has international affiliations and is proud member of acclaimed establishments of UK and USA. That’s not all, our TEFL level 5course is not just superior in terms of the level of expertise that it provides but is also Ofqual regulated course. Ofqual is one of the highest regulating bodies from England that regulates award organisations and monitors the training process overall. So your level 5 tefl certificate is not just a regular TEFL qualification (UK) but an Ofqual regulated one that gives you an edge over others when it comes to seeking positions in top institutions as English professionals.

Besides, we have kept our prices reasonably considering the qualification we provide you is not just an Atheneum Global certification but a certification of your capabilities of one of the highest regulating bodies which is Ofqual.

Not only that, we at Atheneum Global are committed to providing full support with our in-class training where you will be interacting with the help of our doubt sessions to clear all your queries. Our panel of skilled tutors will guide you into perfecting your teaching capabilities.

Ours is not just a ‘module-completion’ approach. We have dedicated videos and other theory material made available chapter-wise so that you can refer you them when you are in need. Apart from that there are regular assessments and quizzes that help you get better at understanding the concepts that covered in the class. A summary to brief up every chapter of the level 5 TEFL course and you will realize how, as the training progresses how you have become well versed with all aspects of teaching English, this realization will boost your morale and help you enter any English teaching setting with absolute ease!

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