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School administration management course

“All children start their school careers with sparkling imaginations, fertile minds, and a willingness to take risks with what they think.” – Ken Robinson

School management, also known as school administration, is generally associated with elementary and secondary schools and practitioners working in this area as academicians , policy makers or consultants trying to evaluate and improve ways of enriching and improving the educational system at all levels. In the primary and pre-primary schools, educational professionals often serve as trained teachers or principal.

The School Administration and Educational Management curriculum prepares one to become skilled administrators of academic institutions. Teaching children and managing a class, and running a whole school are two entirely different issues. Are you excited about being part of a school, and want to know how to better manage an institution? Then, what you need is the School Administration and Educational Management course that Atheneum Global Teacher Training College offers.

This course explores a range of strategies and resources to help you achieve your goals. Operational administration and management of various educational institutes need some exclusive skills and our course will allow teachers to get to know all of these.

Who should take this program?

This course is for school counselors, principals, owners of institutions, preschool owners, and candidates, who aim to lead an educational institution.

What will I study in a School Administration & Educational Management course?

You will learn through hands-on courses, reading, lectures and tutorials at seminars. A personal mentor will direct you through instruction and professional help in improving your subject matter expertise and academic skills. You are expected to engage with on-line resources and you will be encouraged to take responsibility for independent research. The deeply enriched curriculum will help you

To learn more about the modules you will go through in a School Administration & Educational Management course, refer to the courses mentioned below.

School Administration and Educational Managementcourses at Atheneum Global Teacher Training College

We offer three courses with the option of three specializations that can be taken for supplementary learning –

We offer three courses –
1. Certificate Course – Great for candidates looking for a short-term commitment (3-4 months) to develop an appreciation of the elementary aspects of the PPTT curriculum to qualify as a school teacher.
2. Graduate Course – The graduate course is perfect for aspiring school teachers to gain understanding and develop strong qualifications as educational practitioners around the world.
3. Post Graduate Course – The post graduate course is meant for graduates from any discipline who want to develop expertise in the field of Pre and Primary Education and work as subject matter experts or Senior educators for children aged 2-12 years around the globe.

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