Diploma in Educational Administration and Management
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Graduate Diploma in Educational Management

The graduate diploma in educational management helps you meet the demand of educational institutes that require skilled manpower in administrative and management roles.


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Course Overview -

Our graduate diploma in educational management helps you in developing the necessary skill sets and knowledge required to operate and manage educational institutions efficiently. The benefits of this course include -

The extensive curriculum of the course helps you with the leadership and management strategies that are required for administrative responsibilities.

Our diploma in educational management can help you explore various roles in the academic field which include administrative officials, HODs, principals, etc.

You get an opportunity to a variety of career options, thus making your career more stable

The course helps early childhood teachers and aspirants make a career as a teacher in an administrative role without sacrificing their current profession.

Course Summary

Course Duration

1. The maximum duration of the course is 9 months.

2. It is a flexible program that can be pursued from any corner of the globe.

3. Self-paced. Fast track mode permits early completion

1. A Bachelor`s degree is the minimum requirement for this course.

2. Aspiring and existing teachers are free to apply.

1. he graduate diploma in educational management is priced very affordably at Rs 15,500 for Indian citizens and $250 for international students.

2. You can also pay in installments. The course is administered completely online and hence convenient for students pursuing existing careers or those who require the flexibility of self-paced online education.

1. The online diploma course is suitable for academics, administrative officials, and heads of educational organisations such as principals and HODs.

2. Gain detailed information from the extensive curriculum and learn academic leadership and training centre management strategies to prepare for administrative responsibilities.

Theory: 5 modules

1. Introduction to Early Childhood Education.

2. Principles, Objectives of Early Childhood Education and Historical Approaches.

3. Early Childhood Education curriculum.

4. Early Childhood Education Organisation.

5. Early Childhood Education Management.

1. After the completion of the graduate diploma in educational management, candidates are awarded a diploma by Atheneum Global.

2. The awarded certificate has an added advantage as the word ‘Online’ is not mentioned in the certificates. The awarded diploma has an added advantage as the word ‘Online’ is not mentioned in the certificates.

1. Simple and easy enrollment process and Application and payment can be done online.

2. Our online transaction processes are safe and secure and you can pay using any of the reliable platforms like BHIM UPI, PayPal or debit/credit cards at your convenience.

1. Atheneum Global’s industry linkages and international credentials lend high credibility to your candidature.

2. Candidates are issued a personalised letter to help them land an internship of their choice. This internship is an important step toward finishing the course as well as starting the journey as an educator.


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Course Duration

9 month

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How is Our Diploma in Educational Management Different From Others?

Some of the key reasons to choose Atheneum Global for your educational management certification course are as under - Below mentioned are some of the fundamental reasons to help you understand how Atheneum Global can contribute to a promising future.

We at Atheneum Global are committed to offering you the very best education and the very best access to teaching opportunities.

Access to personalised tutor support. Academic support and regular doubt clearing sessions are also conducted as part of this personalised tutoring.

The course is flexible as well as affordable.

All the courses of Atheneum Global are globally recognised and accepted.

The course is based on the guidelines put forth by the national and international frameworks.

The diploma course is administered completely online and hence you can study from any part of the world at your own pace.

We offer uncompromised lessons within a shorter period. Also, our fast track mode allows you to complete the course early depending on the number of hours you devote to it.

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Fast Track Your Career Progression -

Fast track your career progression with a diploma in educational management. Know more about how this can help you with a global teaching career.

Reasons for Joining a Diploma Course at Atheneum Global -

Our diploma in educational management equips you with the necessary skills, knowledge and techniques to further your career development. Choose Atheneum Global because-

The course is highly competitive and budget-friendly.

It is recognized by global accrediting bodies.

It is more convenient than its on-campus equivalents.

and Memberships

Atheneum Global is internationally recognized and accepted. Our online teacher training courses help our students land the best jobs in the field of education.


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