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PG Diploma in Pre Primary Education

Our PG diploma in pre primary education trains you to enable a learning environment where the young children can be prepared before they step into actual formal level of schooling.


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Course Overview of PG Diploma in PPTT

Our PG diploma in pre primary education equips you with the latest techniques and teaching methodologies which will offer you a competitive edge over other teachers. Its benefits include -

A good professional growth and well defined career plan.

Detailed understanding on concepts related to psychological and behavioural development of kids.

Empowerment to have a positive impact on the young minds.

Fosters creativity as you need to be a hands-on teacher while dealing with kids.

Course Summary for PG Diploma in Pre Primary Education

Course Duration

1. The duration of the course is 15 months.

2. Being an online course, it is flexible and hence you can study it from anywhere at any time.

1. Minimum requirement is high school degree from a recognized institute.

2. Aspiring and existing teachers can also apply.

1. Our PG diploma in pre and primary education is priced very affordably at Rs 25,500 for Indian citizens and $400 for international students.

2. You can also pay in installments

1. Our PG diploma in pre-primary teacher training focuses on child psychology and child development. It offers expert advice on how to administer various practices that are apt for children in a preschool setting.

2. The purpose of the curriculum is that we aim to promote quality and excellence in early childhood education by providing guidelines for practices that would promote optimum learning and development of all young children.

3. The National Curriculum Framework calls attention to the common principles and developmental tasks, at the same time, respecting the diversity in the child rearing practices and contextual pre and primary educational needs.

4. Keeping these guidelines in mind, the Post Graduate Diploma course covers the following topics in depth in a course that spans 15 months.

a. Objectives and Principles of PPTT

b. Pre-Primary Administration

c. Child Development

d. Developmentally Appropriate Practices in Pre-Primary Education

e. Guidance and Discipline

f. Early Learning Theories

g. Classroom Management & Areas of Learning in Early Years

h. Planning in Early Years

i. Play and its Benefits

j. Evaluation in Early Years

k. Child Psychology

l. Curriculum

m. Integration of Children with Special needs

n. Safety, Health & Nutrition in Early Years

o. Technology and Media

p. EVS

1. Your PG diploma in pre and primary education proves your expertise to be an able educator in any pre and primary setting worldwide.

2. Because of our global affiliations the certificate you receive after the completion of your course has high significance internationally as well.

3. The certificate awarded has an added advantage as the word ‘Online’ is not mentioned in the certificates.

1. The entire enrolment process is online which includes filling the personal details, submitting the essential documents and payment of the course fee.

2. Our online transaction processes are safe and secure and you can pay using any of the reliable platforms like BHIM UPI, PayPal or debit/credit cards as per your convenience.

1. Atheneum Global has international credentials that lend high credibility to your candidature.

2. Moreover our personalised letter helps you get into internships of your choice which will be your first step towards your teaching career.


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Course Duration

15 month

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How Do Our PG Diploma in PPTT Differ From Others?

We at Atheneum Global are committed towards offering the best of benefits through our PG diploma in pre-primary education -

Our PG diploma in pre primary teacher training covers an elaborate and in-depth curriculum. Our course enhances your skills as a teacher and makes you aware of what exactly has to be improved to give proper guidance to children.

The curriculum is based on the guidelines set by the National Curriculum Framework provided by the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

Our PG diploma in pre primary education offers you a wide range of professional opportunities.

Being an online course, it is flexible in nature which makes studying from anywhere across the world possible.

As the course is administered completely online, it is convenient for students pursuing existing careers or those who require the flexibility of self-paced online education.

At Atheneum Global, you will get a personalised tutor who will mentor you well with the key concepts of pre-primary teaching in detail.

All our courses are globally accredited and still they come in a reasonable price range.

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Speed up Your Career Progression -

Speed up your career progression with our PG diploma in pre primary education. Discover more on how this course can be a stepping stone to a flourishing career.

Reasons for Joining a PG Diploma in PPTT at Atheneum Global -

Our PG diploma in pre primary education equips you with the necessary skills, knowledge and techniques to further your career development. Choose Atheneum Global because-

Our course is highly competitive and budget friendly.

It is recognized by global accrediting bodies.

It is more convenient than its on-campus equivalents.

and Memberships

Atheneum Global is internationally recognized and accepted. Our online teacher training courses help our students land the best jobs in the field of education.


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