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Graduate Diploma in Pre Primary Teacher Training

Our diploma in pre primary teacher training trains a teacher with techniques and methods to inculcate proper social values and personal habits in kids that will last lifelong.


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PPTT Graduate Diploma Course Overview

Our graduate diploma in pre primary teacher training equips you to enable an environment that encourages the kids to communicate freely with their peers and their pre-primary teachers. Its benefits include -

More growth opportunities and a good career path

Detailed insights on the psychological and behavioural development of kids.

Knowledge of the latest techniques and methods to guide the children appropriately.

Professionally as well as personally enriching career.

Course Summary of PPTT Graduate Diploma

Course Duration

1. The duration of the course is 9 months.

2. If you wish to complete the pre-primary teacher training course within a shorter period you can do so with the benefit of our fast-track mode.

3. The fast track mode will help you in the completion of the course within 4-6 months depending on the number of hours per week that you devote to this course.

1. A high school degree from a recognized institute.

2. Aspiring and existing teachers can also apply.

1. The Graduate Diploma in Pre and Primary Teacher Training is priced very affordably at Rs 15,500 for Indian citizens and $250 for international students.

2. You can also pay in installments.

1. Our diploma in pre primary teacher training focuses on understanding child psychology and child development along with giving you expert advice on how to administer various practices that are apt for children in a preschool setting.

2. It offers an in-depth curriculum that is strongly linked to the National ECCE Curriculum Framework set by the Ministry of Women and Child Development in conjunction with the HRD Ministry. The curriculum takes into account several best practices mandated by national and international frameworks supporting pre and primary education in India and around the world.

3. The curriculum is vast and elaborate as it takes into account different core aspects of teaching and building the overall personality of a child in preschool. Due to this, the graduates from Atheneum Global are readily employable with a distinct competitive advantage compared to other candidates.

4. Keeping these guidelines in mind, the graduate course covers the following topics in depth in a course that spans 9 months.

5. The graduate diploma in pre-primary teacher training covers not just valuable lessons of guidance and discipline but also gives in-depth knowledge on preschool administration responsibilities.

a. Objectives and Principles of PPTT

b. Pre-Primary Administration

c. Child Development

d. Developmentally Appropriate Practices in Pre-Primary Education

e. Guidance and Discipline

f. Early Learning Theories

g. Classroom Management & Areas of Learning in Early Years

h. Planning in Early Years

i. Play and its Benefits

j. Evaluation in Early Years

1. After the completion of your course, you will receive a diploma certificate making you a graduate in pre and primary teacher training.

2. This proves your expertise to be an able educator in any pre and primary setting within the country or even internationally.

3. Due to our global affiliations, the certificate you receive after the completion of your course will be widely respected all over the world.

4. The certificate awarded has an added advantage as the word ‘Online’ is not mentioned in the certificates.

1. Our enrollment process is extremely convenient. All the processes and payments are carried out online.

2. Our online transaction processes are safe and secure. You can pay using any of the reliable platforms like BHIM UPI, PayPal or debit/credit cards as per your convenience.

1. Atheneum Global has international credentials that lend high credibility to your candidature.

2. Candidates are issued a personalised letter to help them land an internship of their choice.

3. This internship is an important step toward finishing your course as well as starting your journey as an educator. These internships help you put into practice the knowledge you have garnered during the course.


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Course Duration

9 month

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How is our PPTT Diploma Different From Others?

Below mentioned reasons will help you understand how the diploma in pre primary teacher training from Atheneum Global is different from other

Our graduate diploma in pre-primary teacher training covers elaborate concepts and lessons to broaden your skill sets. It provides depth to your basic knowledge of handling children and teaching them.

It equips teachers with the essential knowledge base to further their careers in this field with confidence.

Our pre-primary teacher training courses are not only accredited but also come at affordable prices.

With our flexible online PPTT diploma course, you can study at your own pace and learn from anywhere across the world at any time.

Get access to a personal tutor who can help you with the key concepts of pre-primary teaching in detail.

Also, you can make the most of the vast range of material and videos related to the pre primary teacher training concepts.

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Fast track your career with our diploma in pre primary teacher training. Find more on how this course can bring you closer to success.

Reasons for Joining a PPTT Diploma Course at Atheneum Global -

We offer an unparalleled and superior diploma in pre primary teacher training. Choose Atheneum Global because-

Our PPTT diploma course is highly competitive and budget-friendly.

It is recognized by global accrediting bodies.

It is more convenient than its on-campus equivalents.

and Memberships

Atheneum Global is internationally recognized and accepted. Our online teacher training courses help our students land the best jobs in the field of education.


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