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Pre Primary Teacher Training course

Our pre primary teacher training programs include not just theoretical knowledge but also strategies, processes and practical experiences required to train the young minds at intermediate, Montessori, and nursery schools.

Aspiring Elementary Level Teachers.

Experienced teachers who want to upgrade their knowledge.

Anyone who believes in diversified learning.

Entrepreneurs interested in starting up a pre primary school.

For anyone who deals with managing and handling young kids.


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a pre primary training course student going to attend the class with three textbook
a pre primary training course student going to attend the class with three textbook

Courses We Offer

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Highlights of our Pre Primary Teacher Training Courses

It requires an immense amount of knowledge to understand the behaviour of children, their psychology and then chalk out the right teaching plan to help their overall development. Benefits of our pre primary teacher courses -

Our extensive and easy-to-understand courses help you meet the physical, emotional, and mental needs of children with a cognitive approach.

Our competent curriculum will take your teaching skills and knowledge to the next level.

Job stability as certified pre primary teachers are in demand all over the world.

Opportunity to positively influence the next generation.

What Sets Atheneum Global Apart From Others?

There are many factors that set us apart from others. However, we would like to highlight a few of them which we take pride in.


Avail of the best and unparalleled Pre Primary Teacher Training with our affordable fee structure.


Atheneum Global holds international accreditations and complies with all the rigorous standards and procedures.


Fast track your career with our globally accepted online Pre Primary Teacher Training course and land a dream job at your desired location.


Access the Pre Primary Teacher Training course at any time and anywhere at your own pace.

Expedite Your Career With Our Pre Primary Teacher Training

Accelerate your learning curve with our online Pre Primary teacher training course. Know more about how our course is effective and engaging.

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Be a Competent Pre Primary Teacher

Our pre primary teacher courses specialise in providing you the best learning experience. Know more on how our hands-on courses and tutorials can turn you into a competent teacher.

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How our students feel Learning with Atheneum is fun and addictive. Earn points for What do you mean by?

Frequently Asked Questions

How our students feel Learning with Atheneum is fun and addictive. Earn points for What do you mean by?

1. What are the benefits of pursuing Atheneum pre-primary teaching training course?

Atheneum Global pre-primary teacher training course helps aspirants to comprehend the value of early childhood education and devote to the best practices for undertaking teaching practice. The certificate is accepted internationally and provides note-worthy curriculum to help teachers undertake children’s cognitive development.

Once you complete a pre-primary teacher training course, you’re issued an international credential and personalized letter of recommendation to conveniently fit an internship of your choice and further advance your career by taking steps towards your teaching journey.

The PPTT course provides a thorough teaching of child development, principles of primary teaching, appropriate classroom activities, learning theories, knowledge of child psychology and their safety & health under the curriculum.

The PPTT courses of Atheneum have different duration as per the time devoted by an individual on the course and the type of course chosen. The certificate course takes around 4 months to complete whereas the graduate and post graduate diploma in pre-primary teacher training course are of 9 and 15 months respectively.

In order to become a pre primary teacher, you must have at least a certificate course of Pre Primary teacher training. You can also pursue a graduate and a postgraduate diploma in Pre Primary Teacher training. Atheneum Global is an online educational institution that offers multiple accredited courses for becoming a Pre Primary teacher.

You should have passed your 10+2 education from a recognized institution to pursue a certificate course or graduate diploma in Pre Primary Teacher training. A bachelor’s degree in any field is required for pursuing a post graduate diploma in Pre Primary Teacher training.

A certificate course in Pre Primary Teacher Training provided by Atheneum Global is the best for becoming a pre primary teacher. The course is not only convenient to study, but also has an extensive curriculum infused with efficient teaching skills and knowledge on the significance of children’s right development. It helps aspirants to become competent teachers along with gaining a positive vision.