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Pre primary teacher training

High-quality, accredited, pre-primary teacher training

Teaching pre-primary kids is not a child’s play! It requires immense level of understanding of every child’s behaviours, their psychology and then chalk out the right teaching plan to help their overall development.

It therefore requires special kind of teacher training to meet the physical, emotional, and mental needs of children with cognitive approach. At Atheneum the best teacher training courses is what we offer. Our pre-primary teacher training programs include not just theoretical knowledge but also strategies, process and practical base that you would require as a teacher to teach and train young minds at intermediate, Montessori, and nursery schools.

The best part about all our pre-primary teacher training courses is that no matter which part of the world you reside in, our online or blended (online/in-class) courses will help you become guiding figures to young children. Pre-primary education plays a significant role in a child’s growth. It is therefore important to nurture them with right values and morals that will help prepare them before they enter the primary sections of schools.

When pre-primary teachers are in demand become the best one!

How? With the help of our world-class teacher training courses!

Our Pre-primary teacher training courses are designed to particularly focus on "Child Psychology" which a teacher needs to learn in order to educate children. Your skills and knowledge on teaching will be enhanced with our curriculum that is complete in every sense and serves as a key to initiating the process of becoming a respectable, flexible teacher.

All our teacher training courses specialize in providing you the best learning experience. Through our hands-on courses, reading, lectures and tutorials at seminars we will turn into a highly competent teacher that young minds look up to. Our detailed techniques and tips help you better teach children and provide you information on how to create learning environments that brings out their best of their interests.

At Atheneum you will also have a personal mentor directing you through instructions. This includes professional help in improving your subject matter expertise and academic skills. You are expected to engage with on-line resources and you will be encouraged to take responsibility for independent research.

Our Montessori courses Benefits

1. Avail top-tier training services at your convenience - We offer both online and blended (online/in-class) mode and you can choose which learning pattern suits your schedule the best. The best part about online courses is that you can, at your own pace, learn and understand the lesssons thoroughly without having to compromise on your every-day life.

2. Meet a community dynamic than ever! –Now we know what you might be thinking? How can online learning possibly help you meet new people pertaining to your course? At Atheneum, we expose you to a vibrant community of students, grads, faculty, and staff that are working towards constantly helping each other out

3. Our PPTT courses are nationally and internationally accredited–An accredited college is a must when in search for teacher training courses. Atheneum is proud member of the International Montessori Council and the International Montessori Society of USA and UK respectively. It also is a recognized college by other top UK colleges.

This not only improves your chances of teaching globally but also proves your proficiency in pre-primary teaching giving you an edge over others!

4. Affordably priced courses, advanced level training! –Looking for top level, recognized courses that are also cheap can seem like a tough task, but it really isn’t! At Atheneum we aim towards bringing the finest pre-primary teacher training courses to you while offering reasonable rates. You can even rest assured as you enrol into an efficient online training system while paying in instalments.

5. The word online is not mentioned in certificates! –Even though our pre-primary teacher training courses are held online at the comfort of your home, the word ‘online’ has been deliberately removed from the certificates so that it doesn’t act as an obstacle the rewarding and equally fulfilling journey of teaching that you are about to embark upon.

6. Scholarships await bright students ! –We at Atheneum acknowledge and are proud of the meritorious students and are looking forward to their fruitful pre-school teaching careers. We make sure to offer these smart minds scholarships and encourage more students to be a part of the Atheneum family and train with the best to be the best of mentors for young kids!

7. Our expert personalized totor assist you throughout your course duration!–All your doubts, queries are answered and dealt by our professional tutors who have high expertise in this field. At Atheneum we are all about making sure you receive the best of our services and all your questions with respect to training are cleared as soon as possible.

8. Internships that serve as a significant boost to your career as a pre-primary teacher–Our industry linkages and international credentials lends credibility to your candidature. Every candidate is issued a personalized letter to help him or her land up with an internship of their choice. This internship is an important step towards finishing your course as well as to start your journey as an educator.

9. New existing, all teachers have an opportunity to shine!–At Atheneum Global Teacher Training College, we ensure that both new and seasoned teachers undergo interactive learning and master the current pedagogical approaches that educators need to know, to hit the road running as successful teachers in any pre-primary, preschool setting.

10. child psychology training to know your kid better, teach them better!–It is essential to learn, thoroughly about child psychology to understand the key aspects that go into their teaching. In a pre-primary education setting you’ll have to develop skills to create and come up with processes and fun activities that serve as a learning tool whilst still keeping them entertained.

You are also acting as role-models to these young kids who are learning new things every step of their way so you have to make sure you are the said responsible mentor they look up to.

At Atheneum and its world-class, child-oriented teacher training we ensure you learn everything that is there to know about being an educator in a preschool!

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