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Pre primary teacher training

Online Pre & Primary Teacher Training (PPTT)

When you plan a career in pre- and primary education then you need to acquire comprehensive knowledge of the methodologies before you are ready to serve to the needs of the demanding world of teaching.

The program in Pre- and Primary Teacher Education provided by Atheneum Global Teacher Training College aims to build appropriate educational skills and equips learners with time tested strategies to meet the learning needs of diverse learners worldwide, with confidence. At Atheneum Global Teacher Training College, we ensure that both new and seasoned teachers undergo interactive learning and master the current pedagogical approaches that educators need to know, to hit the road running as successful teachers. The PPTT comprehensive curriculum of Atheneum Global Teacher Training College is recognised worldwide and will give you an extra edge when it comes to bagging better teaching jobs around the world.

Pre & Primary Teachers Training is a rigorous course that offers the programs, strategies and processes required to teach children at intermediate, intermediate, montessori, and nursery schools. Candidates can follow the course from any part of the world without having to worry about time constraints as we offer both online and blended (online/in-class) mode. Candidates can choose between either of the two learning modes. The course places particular focus on "Child Psychology" which a teacher needs to learn in order to educate children. Thus the training of primary &pre primary teachers is a complete course that helps one to become a flexible teacher.

Candidates who have completed this course would be able to teach children in every formal school from the Montessori, Kindergarten and Nursery level to the fifth tier, i.e. an age range of zero to twelve years.

What will I study in a PPTT course?

You will learn through hands-on courses, reading, lectures and tutorials at seminars. A personal mentor will direct you through instruction and professional help in improving your subject matter expertise and academic skills. You are expected to engage with on-line resources and you will be encouraged to take responsibility for independent research. The deeply enriched curriculum will help you

To learn more about the modules you will go through in a Pre and Primary teacher training course course, refer to the courses mentioned below.

Online PPTT courses at Atheneum Global

We offer three courses with the option of three specializations that can be taken for supplementary learning –

We offer three courses –
1. Certificate Course – Great for candidates looking for a short-term commitment (3-4 months) to develop an appreciation of the elementary aspects of the PPTT curriculum to qualify as a school teacher.
2. Graduate Course – The graduate course is perfect for aspiring school teachers to gain understanding and develop strong qualifications as educational practitioners around the world.
3. Post Graduate Course – The post graduate course is meant for graduates from any discipline who want to develop expertise in the field of Pre and Primary Education and work as subject matter experts or Senior educators for children aged 2-12 years around the globe.

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