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PG diploma in pre primary teacher training

Post Graduate Diploma in pre primary teacher training

If you are planning a career as a teacher in pre and primary section of high schools, the Post Graduate Diploma in Pre & Primary Teacher Training (PPTT) is the appropriate and the most immersive course available to students today. The course, which tackles core developmental frameworks identified by the Ministry of Women & Children, Government Of India, in its National Curriculum Framework guidance, best equips course participants to become versatile practitioners in schools and preschools of their choice.

In its position paper on Pre and Primary Education, the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) redefines early childhood as the period from conception to age 8, a period that presents a developmental continuum, according to the theoretical framework of developmental psychology and learning theories. The reason for extending the span of early childhood from 6 to 8 years is to ensure a gradual and smooth transition from preprimary to primary education, which is a structured and formal learning system requiring effective interface. It is in this context that a Post Graduate Diploma in pre and primary teacher training is relevant as it utilizes the structural framework set for early years and build on it further to enhance the scope of teacher education in the post formative early childhood stage.

The course is perfect for those students who are seeking to make a career in the teaching profession while not compromising on an existing career or life choices that requires them to pursue a Post Graduate Diploma in a field of their choice.

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