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Nursery teacher training

Certified Post Graduate Diploma In Nursery Teacher Training

The Post Graduate Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training is based on developmentally appropriate approaches in early childhood and it defines the vital role of preschool teachers and parents in connecting the key concepts/skills, goals, pedagogical processes and practices and ultimately leading to achievement of early learning outcomes. The curriculum aims at providing a cohesive approach to teacher education to facilitate the unfolding of each child’s innate potentials in all the domains of development. The curriculum focuses on understanding the developmental stages when children inquire, explore and discover a great deal about themselves and establish attitudes and competencies related to the learning that stay with them for life. It also aims to integrate the various domains of development with the expected learning outcomes in ways that are compatible with the natural learning behavior of young children in this age group.

If you are planning a career as a nursery teacher, the Post Graduate Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training is the most appropriate course available to students today. The course, which has been framed within the guidelines of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), prepares nursery teachers for positions of responsibility in schools and preschools of their choice.

The course is helps nursery teachers and aspirants to make a career as a nursery teacher while not compromising on an existing career or life choices that requires them to pursue a global post-graduation diploma in a field of their choice.

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