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Why should you opt for post-graduate diploma MTT?

The answer is to become world-class school leaders

The Post Graduate Diploma in Montessori Education is the key to building world-class school leaders. As a pre-school teacher you will have to hone your skills and abilities pertaining to a guide, mentor and also set powerful examples of leadership and steady management in Montessori settings. Your PG Diploma in MTT helps you master just that!

We at Atheneum also ensure that your Montessori teacher training courses are amongst the best and you never once feel like you lack any skill that hinders your academic progress. We only wish to offer the finest of trainings!

At Atheneum we believe that both theory and practicals is the way to expert level teaching

When you have the knowledge both practical and theoretical you’ll never be in a situation where you are incapable of handling an issue in Montessori schools yourself. You will willingly become guiding figures to these kids and they’ll experience the advantages of high-quality Montessori learning.

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