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Post graduate in early childhood education

Gain utmost confidence in handling kids with the finest ECCE PG course!

As crucial it is to educate, guide young children in the right path starting from a small age it is also important to ensure the ones mentoring them have complete skillset and understanding of a child’s psyche to do so. Your PG diploma in ECCE helps you become masters of guiding children before they step into the actual formal level of schooling in their higher grades.

ECCE diploma holders are on their way to guide and mentor kids and will thus be influencing the children with their every action and activity. It is therefore mandatory for them to go through perfect training themselves before they teach and help learn the future adults of any country.

Avail techniques and tips of advanced levels from experts themselves

A Post graduate diploma in ECCE prepare you to become abreast with the latest curriculum standards and implementation techniques that you will utilize in any setting and manage kids accordingly. It has the right blend of discussion on international structural educational frameworks while incorporating localized practical learnings into the curriculum.

The course adopts curriculum guidance from the National Curriculum Framework guidance provided by the Ministry of Women and Child Development and equips course participants with the knowledge and confidence to be expert practitioners in schools and preschools of their choice.

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