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Our graduate diploma in nursery teacher training will teach you the core concepts of teaching young minds and developing them to be strong adults in the future.


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Course Overview - NTT Diploma

Our graduate diploma in nursery teacher training equips you to enable a positive learning environment where kids can freely communicate, play and learn. The benefits of the course include -

Our course brings a dynamic shift to your teaching career by helping you get into fine nursery schools and establishments.

Detailed understanding of the behavioural and psychological development of kids.

A personally enriching career because administering a nursery needs patience, creativity, management and leadership skills.

Knowledge of the latest techniques and methods which will help you guide the children appropriately.

Course Summary - NTT Diploma

Course Duration

1. The maximum duration of the course is 9 months.

2. However, you can complete the diploma in nursery teacher training course within a shorter period with the help of our fast-track mode.

3. With the fast track mode, you can complete the course within 4-6 months depending on the number of hours per week that you devote to this course.

1. Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution.

2. Aspiring and existing teachers can also apply.

1. The course is priced very affordably at Rs 15,500 for Indian citizens and $250 for international students.

2. All your transactions will take place online, easily and securely. You can also pay in installments.

1. The curriculum is focused not just on polishing your teaching skills but focuses on concepts of management at an advanced level that helps you become well-versed with how an educational organisation functions. Understanding the early development years of a child to plan various processes that are both entertaining as well as educational will be learned throughout this course duration.

2. Keeping the NCERT guidelines in mind, the course covers the following topics in depth.

a. Objectives and Principles of NTT

b. Development of Young Learners

c. Developmentally Appropriate Practices - Young Learners

d. Home, School and Community

e. Education in Early Years

f. Classroom Management Strategies

g. Learning Plan

h. Magic of Play

i. School Organisation and Management

j. Assessment of Young Learners

1. After the completion of the course, you will receive a diploma certificate making you a graduate in nursery teacher training.

2. Due to our global affiliations, the certificate you receive after the completion of your course will be widely respected all over the world.

3. Though our courses are online, the diploma awarded to you has an added advantage as the word ‘Online’ is not mentioned in the certificates.

1. Our enrollment process is simple. All the processes and payments are carried out online.

2. Our online transaction processes are safe and secure. You can pay using any of the reliable platforms like BHIM UPI, PayPal or debit/credit cards according to your convenience.

1. Atheneum Global has international credentials that lend high credibility to your candidature.

2. Candidates are issued a personalised letter to help them land an internship of their choice.

3. This internship is an important step toward finishing your course as well as starting your journey as an educator.


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Course Duration

9 month

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How is our NTT Diploma Different From Others?

The diploma in nursery teacher training from Atheneum Global will be helpful in the following ways -

Our nursery teacher training course emphasises core concepts like child psychology and child development. This helps you design activities suitable for them according to their mental and physical growth.

The knowledge base that you acquire through this course will help you be in charge of nursery education spaces by fostering a healthy environment for young minds to develop and grow.

The course equips you with the latest techniques that help in developing your leadership and management capabilities.

The course curriculum includes a wide range of material and videos covering advanced early childhood concepts explained both theoretically and practically.

Atheneum Global’s industry linkages and international credentials give you an edge over other students.

We at Atheneum Global ensure that you are supported throughout your course. Regular doubt clearing sessions help you out in case of any queries.

With our flexible online NTT diploma course, you can study at your own pace and learn from anywhere across the world at any time.

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Fast Track Your Career -

Fast track your career with our diploma in nursery teacher training. Find more on how this course can bring you closer to success.

Reasons for Joining an NTT Diploma Course at Atheneum Global -

We offer an unparalleled and superior diploma in nursery teacher training. Choose Atheneum Global because-

Our course is highly competitive and budget-friendly.

It is recognized by global accrediting bodies.

The word "online" is eliminated from the certificate.

and Memberships

Atheneum Global is internationally recognized and accepted. Our online teacher training courses help our students land the best jobs in the field of education.


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