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Nursery teacher training course online

Online Nursery Teacher Training Course (NTT)

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” – Robert Frost.

Training foundations begin with the nursery. A professional and competent teacher is also a must for nursery level, because the children's development and behavioral growth are directly linked to the education they got in their early age. The course is intended for those people who want to or need to work with nursery level children.

Teachers at nurseries or early schools improve children's awareness, talents, and social skills from three to five years. We direct the children in planning for primary education, too. You'll learn how to handle the children in the course, and how to teach them innovatively. The course will include the use of games and other educational exercises to improve the children's motor skills and how to teach the requisite social skills and etiquette.

The teachers are taught how to handle young students with newer approaches to nursery methodologies and course curriculum.If you love children and want to play an important part in their early growing years, then your career choice must be to become an educator! Enroll into AtheneumGlobal’s Nursery Teacher Training Program, and offer the children the best introduction to learning. It is a systematic program consisting of a detailed nursery teaching syllabus. The course helps nursing teachers learn through play and experiments the strategies of structured teaching; how to help these children grow their abilities and have a smooth learning experience in the later part of their lives. In addition, our globally approved qualifications will also help you pursue an international teaching career.

Online NTT courses at Atheneum Global

You will learn through hands-on courses, reading, lectures and tutorials at seminars. A personal mentor will direct you through instruction and professional help in improving your subject matter expertise and academic skills. You are expected to engage with on-line resources and you will be encouraged to take responsibility for independent research.

To learn more about the modules you will go through in a Nursery Teacher Training course, refer to the courses mentioned below.

NTT Courses at Atheneum Global Teacher Training College

We offer three courses –

We offer three courses –
1. Certificate Course – Great for candidates looking for a short-term commitment (3-4 months) to understand core aspects of the NTT curriculum to qualify as a nursery teacher.
2. Graduate Course – The graduate course is perfect for aspiring Nursery teachers to gain understanding and develop strong qualifications as NTT practitioners around the world.
3. Post Graduate Course – The post graduate course is meant for graduates from any discipline who want to develop expertise in the field of Nursery Education and work as subject matter experts or Senior educators in nursery school environment around the globe.

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