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Montessori Diploma

The graduate diploma in Montessori teacher training helps you acquire the necessary skills required as a teacher to enhance a child’s academic and non-academic brilliance.


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Course Overview - Montessori Diploma

Administering a Montessori setting requires a specific set of skills such that it should foster an environment where the child can flourish to the maximum potential. The benefits of the course include -

Get an in-depth understanding as it is an integrated course consisting of theory, practicals, album making modules followed by a viva voce.

A stable career with good and fulfilling professional opportunities.

The Montessori diploma course also helps you explore the concepts of early childhood language and education.

It helps you develop important skills like leadership and management capabilities.

Course Summary - Montessori Diploma

Course Duration

1. The duration of the course is 9 months.

2. However, with the help of our fast track mode, you can complete it in less time depending on the number of hours you devote to this course.

1. A bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution.

2. Aspiring teachers and existing teachers can also apply.

1. The course fee is Rs 15,500 for Indian citizens and $250 for international students.

2. All transactions are done online and are easy. You can even pay in installments.

1. The curriculum of the diploma in Montessori teacher training is vast enough to help you adapt to a Montessori setting with theory applicable to real-life teaching scenarios.

2. The theory portion includes 8 modules, the practical includes 4 modules and the albums include five.

3. Albums are instruction manuals or guides for using Montessori materials. With a wide range of in-depth concepts including Maria Montessori’s teachings, and advanced information on early child development these albums serve as crucial wisdom that channels your skills in the right direction for any Montessori teaching environment.

4. Not all course providers offer specific guidance to help you decode and construct albums but we ensure that you are completely equipped to teach efficiently in any Montessori setting.

The theoretical modules include the following concepts-

a. Life history of Maria Montessori

b. Montessori method and history

c. Exercises in practical life

d. Early childhood education

e. Montessori school administration

f. Sensory education in Montessori

g. Early childhood language

h. Methods of teaching, writing and reading.

1. After the completion of your course, you will receive a graduate diploma certificate making you a graduate of Montessori Teacher Training.

2. Though the course is online, the diploma awarded to you has an added advantage as the word ‘Online’ is not mentioned in the certificate.

1. Our enrollment process is simple. All the processes and payments are carried out online.

2. Our online transaction processes are safe and secure. You can use any of the reliable platforms like BHIM UPI, PayPal or debit/credit cards according to your convenience.

1. As Atheneum Global has international credentials, it lends high credibility to your candidature.

2. We also issue a personalised letter to all the candidates to help them land internships in Montessori schools or establishments they truly desire to work for.

3. This internship is the stepping stone toward the completion of the course. It will also help you put into practice the immense knowledge that you have garnered during the course.


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Course Duration

9 month

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How is Our Montessori Diploma Course Different From Others?

Below mentioned are some of the fundamental reasons to help you understand how Atheneum Global can contribute to a promising future -

The course enhances your knowledge of handling children and teaching them skillfully in any Montessori setting.

Regular doubt-solving sessions where the faculty even trains you with personalised tutoring.

The curriculum of the graduate diploma in Montessori teacher training includes a wide range of material and videos covering advanced Montessori concepts explained both theoretically and practically.

A unique, in-depth and full-fledged curriculum with albums and practice teachings.

The diploma course offered by Atheneum Global is a globally accredited Montessori teacher training course and still, it comes in a reasonable price range.

Being an online course, you can study at your own pace at any time and anywhere.

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Fast Track Your Career -

Expedite your career with our graduate diploma in Montessori teacher training. Find more on how this course can bring you closer to success.

Reasons for Joining a Montessori Diploma Course at Atheneum Global -

We offer an unparalleled and superior diploma in Montessori teacher training. Choose Atheneum Global because-

Our course is highly competitive and budget-friendly.

It is recognized by global accrediting bodies.

The word ‘Online’ is not present on the certificate.

and Memberships

Atheneum Global is internationally recognized and accepted. Our online teacher training courses help our students land the best jobs in the field of education.


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