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Montessori teacher training

With atheneum your dream of becoming a montessori educator is closer than ever. Being an academic professional is just touch away!

Avail Full Benefits of Our Best Montessori Teacher Training Experience

Montessori education aims to build young children into responsible, creative and bright adults who step into the competitive world with confidence. And who are serving as the keys to the doors of their colourful future?

It is the Montessori teachers who have themselves went through extensive training based predominantly on cognitive development of the child. Each child’s journey to academic success is unique and it is the teachers who play a variety of roles as a guide, a mother and primarily as a mentor at large who identify and analyse those paths and help these kids put to use their full potential.

It is therefore important as a teacher to have the complete skillset needed to influence the children towards mastering their talents and also becoming able teachers they look up to!

With us being an academic professional is a touch away!

At Atheneum we help you become true mentors to your kids. How? With our affordable Online Montessori Training courses designed with utmost level of perfection with its in-depth processes, high-quality techniques that once you avail, make you capable of shining as an educator in any Montessori setting with ease!

The academic as well as life lessons needed for every child differs as per their age. Their pace too varies accordingly. Montessori education acknowledges these differences and has therefore garnered the reputation of being a highly-efficient teaching system. The demands of Montessori schools who are in the search for well-equipped Montessori teacher are educators who, with innovative processes bring out the best out of kids and help them learn values that they will carry for the rest of their lives.

So the right course is the one that helps you out with placements, has both national and international accreditations. One that even offers guidance in helping you decode and construct albums which are basically instruction manuals for using Montessori materials. Relax, this might seem too much to ask for but it honestly isn’t! More so because we at Atheneum have got you covered!

At Atheneum our sole motto is to bring you closer towards actualizing your aspirations.

Our Montessori courses Benefits

1. Globally accredited montessori teacher training courses – It is also a certified member of the International Montessori Council (IMC), USA and even the International Montessori Society (IMS), UK.

2. The word 'online' is eliminated from the certificates! – Though are courses are online our certificates won’t be saying so! We are providing you with certificates after completion of every Montessori Teacher Training course proving your eligibility of taking on, with confidence, and Montessori setting!

3. Study at you pace, your comfort! – The benefits of our online Montessori Teacher Training courses are that you can get trained anytime, anywhere. You could also benefit from our fast track mode that enable early completion. Or you could take your time and manage your training timings accordingly! Whichever option suits your schedule the best will be made available to you!

4. Internship in the montessori establishments of your choice! – Our industry linkages and international credentials help you land internships in Montessori schools you desire to work for! A personalized letter from us for internships is the beginning to you prosperous career as a Montessori teacher!

5. Effortless enrolment and secure online payment! – We have easy 3 step online enrolment process where you apply and pay through our safe and secure payment mode, using either BHIM UPI, Google Pay, Card or other reliable platforms depending on whichever mode you are comfortable with!

6. Full-fledged montessori curriculum with albums and practice teaching! – Not all course-providers help you construct and decode ‘albums’ which are typically considered to be guides to Montessori teaching. We are one of the few online Montessori Teacher Training Colleges that also focus on albums and practice teaching that build and uplift your skills to teach in any classroom setting!

7. Can't affort high-quality Montessori courses? Relax! Let us help – At our affordable prices you are getting courses that are universally recognized and accredited from renowned international colleges. So your anxious hunt for industry-relevant, cheaper Montessori courses can finally come to a rest!

8. Demo course is also available for our montessori courses – This gives you an idea of our training style and helps you make an informed decision before you enrol for our Montessori programs.

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