Partnership With Atheneum

Atheneum Global Teacher Training College has chosen to partner with like-minded institutions to deliver a fantastic teacher training curricula. Our partnerships also gives the students of our online programs the much needed practical exposure to work as a professional early childhood educator in an early learning setting.

As we expand our footprint globally, our network will continue to provide our students with enough opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice besides providing them with assured placement opportunities as the end of the course.(To provide a map like this here basis a list that we provide. Map should be auto updated)

Atheneum Partnership Benefits


International Relevance

International recognition of Atheneum Global Teacher Training College makes our Certification, Graduate Diploma, and PG Diploma courses uniquely relevant anywhere in the world.


Support & Guidance

Atheneum Global is your Knowledge Partner for not just for the duration of the course but for life! We stay connected with you over the phone, email, and chats to assist you with every chapter, every lesson, and every assignment that you undertake. Your graduation is our only success metric.



Our courses are available 24X7 enabling careers and empowering aspirants. You can enroll any time of the year, start learning right away, progress at your own pace, take exams online & do so much more with life.


Job Opportunities

Our graduates are placed in the best educational institutions in India and beyond. Jobs For Teachers - our job assistance portal connects graduates in teaching opportunities worldwide.

Is Atheneum Global the right partner for you?

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Who can be our partner

School Owner

You run a school and recognize the acute shortfall of teachers in your city. You are looking to partner with a world class recognized course provider that can reinforce your brand image before prospective teachers in particular and the education industry in general.


You are the principal of a high school and recognize the pains involved in hiring trained and qualified teachers. A partnership with Atheneum Global will help you to be equipped with industry ready talent who have gone through the rigors of the curriculum.

Training Institute

You run a teacher training institute and are registered as a vocational training centre under National Skill Development Corporation or similar. You seek a training partner to provide training modules for trainee teachers to make them industry ready. Atheneum Global is the perfect foil for you as you seek to scale up while we assist as your training partner.

Independent Trainers

You are an independent trainer with requisite qualifications seeking to expand your training market with an accredited training provider. Atheneum Global presents an opportunity for you to grow as a trainer using your expertise and leveraging Atheneum’s established array of courses and global credentials.

Placement Consultant

You are an international placement consultant specializing in the education industry and would like to partner with a credible educational organization that focusses on the international skill development opportunity in the educational space. We are the right fit for you as Atheneum Global with our global partnership model provides partners highly trained, duly accredited and readily employable teachers ready for the global teaching workforce.

Online Course Providers

You run an online platform for training individuals to plug the knowledge gap in a different industry. Education is new for you and understand that it requires a different focus and set of competencies that you want to acquire. Atheneums partnership model provides exactly that and leverages your online presence to build a solid cross platform affiliation that benefit both partners.

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