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Montessori teacher training course

Why to go for graduate in mtt?

If you have plans to become a Montessori instructor, and enroll for courses within affordable prices then Atheneum’s Graduate Diploma in Montessori Training is for you!

Graduate Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training is an integrated course consisting of theory, practicals, album making module followed by a viva voce.

It also comprises of curriculum that includes wide range of material and videos covering advance Montessori concepts explained both theoretically and practically.

The curriculum covers not just aspects and methodologies of Montessori Teaching but opens you to the world of Early Childhood language and education that will be explored by you within the duration of your Graduate Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training.

Administrating a Montessori setting needs specific key techniques that develop your leadership and management capabilities, this course directs you in that said direction thus turning you into Montessori mentors!

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