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What kind of online programs does Atheneum Global Offers?

Atheneum Global offers convenient online teacher training and academic programs for aspiring and existing teachers. Our career certificate program, graduate diploma and postgraduate diploma programs are designed for adults with hectic lifestyles to help them learn new skills and follow their professional aspirations through the right education in a flexible, affordable and efficient manner—from home or anywhere in the world.

Your lessons are asynchronous. There are no set log-in times for courses or exams. Study anytime and anywhere and complete lessons at your convenience. You can allocate as much time as you need to absorb and truly understand the material, on a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

Our courses use only eBooks and online lessons, but others use textbooks, lesson books, workbooks, and/or study guides. There is a vast repository of online content that you will have access to. Every course has dedicated videos curated specifically for the topic being discussed. Along with it, there are study guides organised by lessons, assignment guides and video transcripts that help you in developing a holistic understanding of the course. These study materials are available in a timely manner, based on your rate of completion of assignments and exams.

The core belief in offering online education to aspiring and existing teachers is that we can truly make a difference in your learning journey. Our academic team consists of a highly qualified, dedicated staff of professionals. Each program brings together a committed team of academic advisors, certified trainers, subject matter experts, course authors, and support staff working together to ensure our students achieve their goals and obtain the personalised support needed to succeed.

After enrollment, you will be contacted by your course tutor or an academic advisor for any specific help or support you require. Atheneum Global Teacher Training College provides a superb team of academic advisors who work with students in every subject one on one. You may reach a member of our academic advisor team Monday – Friday, 8:30 am to 2:30 pm.

Contact one of two ways:

1. Call 033-4065 2177 and request an academic advisor.

In your Student Portal, click on the Support tab and enter a ticket.

When reaching out to an academic advisor for assistance or tutoring, please log in to your portal with the page number(s) or chapters identified. If advanced help is needed, advisors place a request for a subject matter specialist to contact you. Please allow the subject specialist 24 to 48 hours to return your phone call.

No. No one on our support or academic staff is permitted to assist with course exams or assignments. However, we are readily available to provide clarification on exam or assignment requirements or the submission process.

Student-initiated assignments are uploaded through your personal Student Portal, graded within two weeks of submission and returned to you with feedback. Grades are recorded in your personal Student Portal. Some assignments, such as multiple-choice exams, are graded and posted immediately after submission.

Your personalised tutor is in charge of the grading process which is led by our internal team of academic experts. While the results for quizzes are immediately available, your assignments, albums and other subjective questions are graded and assessed within a period of 14 days.

Many students find online learning easier than sitting in a classroom. Free from the pressures of quizzes and peer pressure. You can study in a way that suits you best and take the time you need to progress.

First, you're not alone. Most of our students, and in fact every human on earth, lead full lives that pull them in multiple directions. Our curriculum is carefully designed to work with the complicated schedules of adult students of all ages. Rest assured, our dedicated support team is available to assist you with your studies, time management, and any other obstacles that pop up, as we guide you through your program to graduation. The commitment required from your side is anywhere between 4-8 hours of self-study time per week depending on the course you’ve enrolled yourself into.






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