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Early childhood education

Top-tier ECCE courses to help you better guide young minds!

Courses on early childhood care and education is primarily focused on jobs that involve managing and handling young kids. There are ample amount of sectors like health, education and social care where there is a constant need for professionals who have been trained by experts to understand the psyche of a child. This thereby works towards better managing children and their activities to develop their skillset.

Our courses are specifically designed to help you garner knowledge on teamwork, time as well as project management that will mould you in a way that handling kids with innovative techniques and teaching them will come off as a cakewalk to you. With our dedicated personalized tutoring and constant support for placements we help you inch closer to achieving your dream job in any field that you wish to work in.

Your qualities are polished to suit a ECCE working environment!

Basic qualities expected from ECCE professionals apart from managing children like include leadership and thorough understanding of a child’s developmental stage. At Atheneum Global, we have ensured that our courses are designed in such a fashion that it polishes these qualities and bring out your potential that will help you put your best foot forward at your work.

Our courses are predominantly focused on child-oriented training and we train you towards being capable of playing valuable role in family and wider institutions.

Make sure to check all the details of the ECCE course and why you should opt for Atheneum Global

Through your course work, you will explore topics from theoretical perspectives, including education, sociology, psychology, health and social policy, and examine the roles of the family and wider institutions.

Our Montessori courses Benefits

1. Nationally and internationally accredited course provider – From being a certified member of International Montessori Council (IMC), USA and also the International Montessori Society (IMS), UK, Atheneum Global Tecaher Training College is recognized by established bodies in the field of teacher training.

While being among the list of few course providers which are ISO providers we are also affiliated with London Teacher Training College.

2. Dynamic online community to help you out – If you think online courses might not be that interactive then Atheneum Global’s ECCE courses will prove you otherwise! Online learning through Atheneum Global attracts a vibrant community of students, grads, faculty, and staff that are working towards constantly helping each other out. This boosts your confidence to take up any institution with ease as you have been prepared and trained by a diverse environment.

3. Al our early childhood care and educational courses focuson child psychology training – You have to be knowledge of what type of kids you are dealing with at your workplace and therefore in order to manage them better you’ll have to master child psychology and understand and meet the needs of children accordingly.

Our ECCE teacher training courses ensure the core and essence of child-psychology and child-development which will help you build activities around this knowledge thus positively impacting improving the child’s overall growth stage.

Our courses ensure that you are prepared to take on any challenge with ease with you wide-range of teaching knowledge!

At Atheneum and its world-class, child-oriented training we ensure you learn everything that is there to know about being a graduate practitioner in the early childcare education field, or when you are working with children and families!

4. Course are online but our certificate don't mention that –Though are courses are online our certificates won’t be saying so! We are providing you with certificates after completion of every ECCE course that proves your skills building child development practices.

5. High quality courses at reasonable price –We ensure that we keep our courses at reasonable range so you can get the benefits of expert level training that is globally recognized without having to worry about the prices!

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