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Early childhood education

Online Early Childhood Education Course

“The foundations for emotional, physical and intellectual development are built during the early years of infancy. With our Early Childhood Education and Care courses you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of child development from birth to five years.”

Why an online ECCE program?

A diploma in early childhood education and care offers an excellent framework for a number of occupations that include working with children. You should graduate from this program relaxed, articulate, highly skilled and well-equipped to participate as a professional in a number of sectors including health, education and social care.

The course offers information and skills in the subject, as well as opportunities to put into action what you learn through placements and work-related experience. Through teamwork, you can also gain transferable leadership skills and project and time management that will be valued wherever your career takes you.

You must obtain the credential required for all early years providers working with children from birth to 5 years of age who have to follow the Early Years foundation stage (EYFS) regulations.

Through your course work, you will explore topics from theoretical perspectives, including education, sociology, psychology, health and social policy, and examine the roles of the family and wider institutions.

What is the ECCE program about?

Whether you want to become a graduate practitioner in the early childcare education field, or if you have an interest in working with children and families, this program will be for you. The curriculum focuses on the growth, development and treatment of young children from birth until age 7. Students will have the ability to become positive, self-conscious, insightful students able to work in multi-agency environments as professionals. The content of the program draws on international research and experience, including children's global perspectives, different curricula and developed as well as evolving theory of early childhood.

You'll hear from lecturers who have several years of experience in early childhood settings and related careers including; primary teaching, nursing, health care, and center management for children.

Embedded in the programme are four principles:

  • Each child is a competent and capable individual.
  • hildren’s Rights (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child UNCRC) are recognised and promoted.
  • The child is seen holistically in the context of family and society.
  • Cooperation with others (parents, colleagues, other professionals etc.) is actively sought for the benefit of the child.

What will I study in an ECCE program?

You will learn through hands-on courses, reading, lectures and tutorials at seminars. A personal mentor will direct you through instruction and professional help in improving your subject matter expertise and academic skills. You are expected to engage with on-line resources and you will be encouraged to take responsibility for independent research.

Workers actively involved in a broad variety of ongoing research and educational investigation will teach you.

Online Early Childhood Education Courses

We offer three courses –

We offer three courses –
1. Certificate Course – Great for candidates looking for a short-term commitment (3-4 months) to understand ECCE's core aspects to implement it in a classroom environment.
2. Graduate Course – The graduate course is perfect for aspiring ECCE teachers to gain understanding and develop strong qualifications as ECCE practitioners around the world.
3. Post Graduate Course – The post graduate course is meant for graduates from any discipline who want to develop expertise in the field of early childcare education and work as subject matter experts or Senioreducators in an early years setting in classrooms around the globe.

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