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Early Childhood Care and Education

With a focus on early childhood care and education, this course helps you garner all the knowledge required to handle the kids with innovative teaching techniques.

Aspiring Early Childhood Teachers

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For anyone who deals with managing and handling young kids.


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an ECCE course student taking some notes in notebook while smiling
an ECCE course student taking some notes in notebook while smiling

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Benefits of studying childhood care and education -

Our course in early childhood care and education equips you with all the required skills and expertise needed to deal with young minds. Our coursework explores topics about theoretical perspectives, sociology, psychology, health, social policy and much more. Benefits of our course includes -

Job security as early educators are always going to be in demand because education will always be required.

It is an enriching and rewarding career where you get an opportunity to positively touch the lives of young kids.

You get the chance to give life to your inner creativity.

You gain insight and thorough understanding on child development

With our dedicated personalised tutoring and constant support for placements we help you inch closer to achieving your dream job in any field that you wish to work in.

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There are many factors that set us apart from others. However, we would like to highlight a few of them which we take pride in.


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Atheneum Global holds international accreditations and complies with all the rigorous standards and procedures.


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Accelerate your learning curve with our online Early childhood care and education course. Know more about how our course is effective and engaging.

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Expedite your career growth

Expedite your career growth with our courses in early childhood care and education. Know more on how these courses will add value to your career.

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How our students feel Learning with Atheneum is fun and addictive. Earn points for What do you mean by?

Frequently Asked Questions

How our students feel Learning with Atheneum is fun and addictive. Earn points for What do you mean by?

1. Which is the best degree for early childhood education?

A graduate diploma in Early childhood care and education by Atheneum Global is the best for becoming an early childhood educator. The degree trains you to become an efficacious teacher, well versed with the significant early year planning and learning atmosphere enriched with techniques and strategies for better teaching.

There are several career opportunities for early childhood educators who are skilled, worthy and filled with the zeal to work honestly. Early Childhood educators can get a job in many roles associated with primary teaching. Additionally, the role adds on to your skills, adhering to the things you learn while working for the same role.

An early childhood education diploma takes about 9 months for completion. However, it also depends upon the speed at which you take your classes.

Early Childhood education career teaches aspirants efficient methodology to handle classroom and innovative ideas to teach conveniently. One also learns about planning and atmosphere of early learning together with suitable practices, principles of ECCE, practical knowledge of technology, sociology and child psychology. Likewise, the essentialness of child development is also provided.

A graduate diploma is Early Childhood Education by Atheneum Global allows you credibility adhering to the international credentials of the institute. You can work as an early childhood educator in any primary school and act as a councilor, researcher, administrator, teacher, trainer, and in many other positions.