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The Child Development Associate or the CDA Certification is one of the most promising ways to progress in the career of early childhood education.

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a CDA certifed teacher helping a child in the classroom
a CDA certifed teacher helping a child in the classroom

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Benefits of CDA Certification Online Mode

Our online CDA certification prepares you to work as a daycare teacher or preschool teacher, teacher assistant, childcare worker or nanny. The benefits of this course are as under -

You get access to better job opportunities as your resume stands out due to CDA credentials.

Boosts your professional growth leading to an increase in your pay.

Trains you in implementing, tracking and recording student success and development along with planning lessons and resources

Educates you in designing a curriculum that assists in the growth of children, organising events and creating schedules.

What Sets Atheneum Global Apart From Others?

There are many factors that set us apart from others. However, we would like to highlight a few of them which we take pride in.


Avail of the best and unparalleled CDA Certification with our affordable fee structure.


Atheneum Global holds international accreditations and complies with all the rigorous standards and procedures.


Fast track your career with our globally accepted online CDA Certification course and land a dream job at your desired location.


Access the CDA Certification course at any time and anywhere at your own pace.

Expedite Your Career With Our CDA Certification

Accelerate your learning curve with our online CDA Certification course. Know more about how our course is effective and engaging.

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Accelerate Your Learning Curve

Accelerate your learning curve with our online CDA Certification. Know more about how this course can help you in your career advancement.

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How our students feel Learning with Atheneum is fun and addictive. Earn points for What do you mean by?

Frequently Asked Questions

How our students feel Learning with Atheneum is fun and addictive. Earn points for What do you mean by?

1. What is the work of a child development associate?

A child development associate is responsible for designing and implementing activities significant for the development of children according to their needs. He/She helps in preparation of work for daycare professionals or preschool teachers while guiding and supervising children to go in the right direction.

A certification in child development associate provided by Atheneum is the best course to pursue. It makes you eligible for applying in the CDA National Credential Program while teaching you how to plan and advance children’s physical, social and intellectual development, management of program operation, understanding children’s behavior and development, etc.

One should be above 18 years of age, possess a high school diploma, should have an experience of 480 hours of working with children and 120 hours of formal education in child care in a time period of 5 years to get qualified for doing a course in child development associate and applying under National CDA credential program.

A child development course allows you to become a child development associate and boosts your professionalism by educating you to come up with new ideas and ways to ensure fulfillment of development needs of children through the right activities.

A CDA certificate can be obtained conveniently online with the help of Atheneum Global CDA courses that trains you to become a professional CDA expert with deep comprehension of development plans and lessons.