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Montessori teacher certification

Certificate Program in Montessori Education

Dr Maria Montessori once stated:

”From the moment the child enters the classroom, each step in his education is seen as a progressive building block, ultimately forming the whole person in the emergence from childhood to adult. All focus is on the needs of child.”

The Montessori philosophy is built upon the idea that children develop and think differently from adults. Dr. Maria Montessori advocated children‘s rights, children working to develop themselves into the adults and that these developments would lead to world peace. The Montessori Method discourages traditional measurements of achievement such as grades, tests under the premise that these are damaging to the inner growth of the children as well as adults. Feedback and qualitative analysis of a child‘s performance does exist but is usually provided in the form of a list of skills, activities and critical points and sometimes a narrative of the child‘s achievements, summary of strengths and weaknesses with an emphasis on how to overcome those weaknesses.

The Certificate Program in Montessori Teacher Training educates students about the core ideas of Dr. Maria Montessori and equips students to become effective Montessorians looking to start a career as a Montessori educator. The Certificate Program in Montessori Education prepares educators on the internationally acclaimed Montessori Method in an educational setting.

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