Do you really need teacher training certificate to teach in preschool?
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Why is the Teacher Training Certificate needed to teach in preschool?

Early childhood education has now been recognized as the most needed in the current scenario world. With the growing demand and recognition, there is a need to have quality educators or experts in the field of preschool.

Hence, teacher training courses will lead to the creation of the world’s best-quality educators in the preschool segment. The teacher training course will lead to the creation of the world’s best-quality educators in the preschool segment.

Teacher training is the professional preparation of teachers through formal coursework and practice teaching for some time. Certification requirements for teaching have advanced with educational opportunities. The trend of certification is growing as nowadays every well-renowned preschool are preferring teachers with proper training certificates.

In some schools, we find teacher training certification has become mandatory. As they think, an educator with proper training will be of well quality and hence she will contribute to the development of the preschool. It is a comprehensive course for preschool teachers.

It helps the teachers to teach the age group of 2-12. Certified preschool teachers are in demand everywhere. It helps the teachers to learn and develop their skills and know modern methodologies and concepts. The case studies and the research work help the teacher be further equipped to facilitate learning. The duration of this course is generally one year.

The main objective to get this course done is to get detailed knowledge and understanding about the following to the teacher –

  • Development, thinking, behavior and psychology of children
  • To provide care, support and a positive environment which will help the growth and development of children
  • To pay attention to the health and nutrition of the children
  • To build a proper teacher-parent relationship
  • How to interact with the children, and how to carry the learning process with recreation and fun activities

Childhood face is basic for the growth and development of the child. Hence, it is extremely important to have a proper implementation of the education system. This early educational journey and experience will affect the overall development of the child both physically and mentally.

It has been found that the development of a child (physical, cognitive and emotional) takes place before the age of five. So, it is extremely important to have good teachers who can help to bring out the best in the children. Certification of the teachers is required in preschool due to the following reasons.

1. Enhance skills and strategies

A proper teacher training program helps teachers to learn and create new teaching strategies. This will help to arouse interest in the students and help them to engage in the learning process. The training helps the teachers to learn new methods of teaching and develop their skills, which again helps the students in the real world because theoretical learning will help only to gain marks, while practical learning will help in real life.

From being the primary source of information, teachers nowadays have to contend with an unlimited amount of information which is accessible over the internet. The new-age teacher must develop her skills to understand technology. So that they can opt for and provide benefits to the students.

A teacher must use different strategies to develop the learning process. If the students are exhausted, then the teaching process becomes very complicated.

So a teacher must carry out the process in such a way which will build interest in the mind of the students and help them to achieve their goals. On the contrary, it will also help to build trust and rapport between the teacher and the student.

2. Understand the behavioral and psychological aspects of the kids

Teacher training is very much required in Montessori schools to understand the behavior and psychology of the children. It will help the teachers to understand the different milestones of child development and identify the weaknesses of a child.

It helps the teacher to identify different behavioral issues so that they can find methods to intervene. Since social and emotional development is an integral part of teaching. Hence, as a teacher one should always know how to recognize the special need of a child with proper care and affection.

A school is the second home for a student. Hence, teachers must like parents and provide them with proper love and care. A teacher needs to understand child psychology to transform from a good teacher to an effective teacher.

Every child is unique and needs a different technique to learn things. A teacher cannot apply the same technique to impart knowledge to all. Child psychology helps not only to develop unique techniques but also to give special attention to those who have a learning deficit like ADHD, autism etc.

3. Ability to create an interactive classroom atmosphere

The teacher should be trained to create an interactive classroom atmosphere. So that the students participate in a playful manner. Teachers should be trained in such a way so that they have the capacity to make the class interesting and engage the students in the learning process.

Interactive teaching styles are designed around a simple principle without practical application. Students often fail to understand the depth of the study material.

The interactive session helps the teacher to understand how much the student has acquired subject-related knowledge. It is two-way communication, which will enable an educator to make quick adjustment processes and approaches. Interactive instructions enhance the learning process.

An educator must use questions that stimulate a response, discussion and a hands-on experience for the students. While teaching, some group activities should be indulged in so that the students find them to be interesting and involve themselves actively.

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Sometimes the learning process should involve a case study format. The main objective is to solve a real problem that involves real people preparing students for life beyond the classroom. It will help the teacher to improve her versatility in teaching. An educator needs to be flexible, adaptable and enjoyable.

4. Career growth

Teacher training is important for building up the career of the teachers. Freshers who come to teach for the first time might not be very confident in front of the students. Even though she has a vast amount of knowledge about the particular subject but sometimes we see what the fresher or in rare cases the experienced ones lack in the art of expressing themselves.

If a teacher can’t explain or convey to the students, they fail. Students lose interest in the subject and the teacher as well. Through advanced training, education, and certification teachers can advance in their careers in the education sector. An experienced preschool teacher can advance to become the director of a preschool or centre head.

5. Effective class management skill

Teaching is not only about giving long lectures, notes or homework but to be an effective teacher she must have the ability to control the class. If a teacher is in the class, the student must be quiet and pay attention to whatever the teacher talks about.

That atmosphere created by such teachers encourages the students to dive deeper into the topic. Hence, making the learning process effective. If a teacher fails to achieve such an atmosphere it might affect the production of the class and hence ruin the atmosphere of the class.

Teacher training helps teachers to learn about different methodologies of teaching. The training of a teacher must go on from time to time in between their jobs too, to influence them to use new technologies so that they can use them for those students.

Sometimes using the same strategy for a long time, might distract the interest of the students and might make the lesson boring. So, teachers must be trained to learn or create new strategies to bring back the interest of the students.

6. Fostering creative experiences

The preschool teacher must be an expert in art and creativity. As in the case of preschools, it is very important to design the classroom in a very attractive way. Teachers make beautiful charts, and blocks related to the topic of the lesson plan.

Using these beautiful and attractive techniques will help the teacher to keep the interest of the kids in coming to school. A preschool teacher prepares various crafts as per the celebration arriving in our country. In this way, they try to make the kids understand the festival and its importance.

It helps to engage the child’s imagination. The teachers are in a strategic position to foster the creativity of their students. If the teachers can and are in a habit of demonstrating creativity fostering behaviour in day-to-day interaction with their students.

Creative art helps children to grow in physical, social, cognitive, and emotional development. Children also practice imagination and experimentation as they invent new ways to create art. Thus, keeping the above-mentioned point in mind teacher training certification is very much required for a teacher in preschool.

As a preschool teacher plays a major role in a child’s life. A kid’s experience with his teacher can literally break or make his interest in education and learning. Thus, the role of a preschool is not just limited to teaching lessons. But they are expected to make the kids socialize and interact with each other.

For a child, the successful preschool experience is very much dependent on the quality of the teacher. It is the role and responsibility of a preschool teacher to instil a sense of comfort and a lifelong love of learning in the child.

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