Who was Maria Montessori? The History of Maria Montessori
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Who Was Maria Montessori? The history of Maria Montessori


Maria Montessori was an important teacher and doctor who changed the idea of teaching with her great ideology. Her ideas completely changed the traditional way of how we teach. She developed a totally new approach to education called the Montessori Method, and it's made a big difference in schools everywhere. This blog post will look at Maria Montessori's life and work, exploring how she helped education grow.

Breaking Barriers to Education

Maria Montessori was born on August 31, 1870, in Chiaravalle, Italy. Even though back then people thought girls should do different jobs, Maria Montessori decided to be a doctor. In 1896, she became the first woman doctor in Italy. Her doctor knowledge helped her think that kids should learn about everything – not just reading and math, but also how they feel and how they move. The new approach was developing the physical, intellectual, and emotional aspects of a kid altogether.


Montessori's Education Spreads in Italy

In the early 1900s, Maria Montessori started working with kids who only had a little money in Rome. She watched how they liked to learn, and she came up with a new way to teach. She made special places for kids to learn and play with cool and innovative stuff. People heard about this and loved it! In 1907, she opened the first school “Casa Dei Bambini” or the "Children's House"  where kids could learn using her way. It worked so well that more and more Montessori schools opened in Italy. Teachers and parents saw how happy and smart the kids were becoming daily. This was kind of a breakthrough in the education industry.

The Birth of a Movement

As more people heard about Maria Montessori's method of teaching, teachers from around the world wanted to learn it too. So, Maria started teaching teachers in 1909. This was the beginning of the Montessori way spreading everywhere. It wanted to change how schools worked and help kids be their own learners.

The Montessori Method gained momentum as Montessori's books were translated into various languages and her training courses attracted teachers from across the globe.

Montessori Becomes Famous

By the 1920s, Maria Montessori's way of teaching was known all over the world. In places like Spain, England, France, and the United States, people liked it a lot. Many families wanted their kids to go to Montessori schools because they focused on what kids loved and let them learn in a fun way.

During this time, Maria Montessori kept making her teaching even better. She said kids like exploring and finding things out, so schools should give them a good place to do that. Teachers, she thought, should help kids grow naturally.

Maria Montessori Comes to America

In 1911, Maria Montessori came to New York City and talked about her cool way of teaching. People in the United States liked it so much that Montessori schools started popping up all over. In 1913, they formed a group called the American Montessori Society to tell more people about it.

But, even though it was popular, Montessori's way faced some problems in the United States. Some schools were too strict, and during World War II, people didn't like them much. Many schools had to close.


The Comeback

In the 1960s, people started liking Maria Montessori's way again. Parents and teachers wanted something different from regular schools, and Montessori's ideas fit well with that. Montessori schools became popular once more, and her way of teaching spread all around the world. Some regular schools also started using Montessori ideas.

Montessori Today

Nowadays, the Montessori way is still around and growing. You can find Montessori schools all over the world, for kids from when they're babies to high school. Learning by yourself, exploring with your hands, and being independent is still a big part of Montessori education.

What's more, Montessori's ideas have changed other schools too. Many regular schools now use some of Montessori's ideas because they see how good it is for kids to be in charge of their learning.


Maria Montessori really changed how we teach kids. Her way of teaching made a big impact, and now, lots of schools use her ideas. Let's remember Maria Montessori and the awesome things she did for education! Let us celebrate the rich history of Maria Montessori and the incredible impact she has had on the field of education.

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