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Qualities of excellent educational administrators

Educational administrators work in schools, but not as teachers. They are responsible for overseeing the administrative duties at schools. They ensure a safe and productive learning environment for the students. They entirely look after the school and ensure that the teachers have the equipment and resources required to carry out the learning process smoothly. An educational administrator make rules and regulations of the school and check whether it is being followed properly or not.

All staff members who work for a school, starting from teachers to housekeepers, all need to report to the administrator. Educational administrators are employed by public and private schools, school districts, colleges, and universities to plan and oversee educational policies. An administrator conducts day to day activities which includes meetings with teachers parents and school staffs. The educational administrator needs to handle the school`s reputation. An administrator ensures that students, teachers are collaborating towards a common goal while improving standards and opportunities. Together with proper leadership, school systems can meet goals set forth by school boards and foster students that are highly educated and prepared for their future.

The responsibilities of an educational administrator are as follows:-

1.Since, the entire responsibility of a school is in the hand of an administrator. Hence, he/she must have the ability to manage bud, logistics, and events or meetings.

2.An educational administrator organizes activities, annual concerts, functions, etc for the school. Moreover, he /she needs to record every detail of all the students as well as the staff members of the school.

3.In case any conflict or grievances arise from the side of the staff members or the parents. It is the duty of the administrator to resolve the conflict and other issues.

4.Regular communication must take place between the parents and the school authority. He /she must implement actions that improve the school and the quality of education.

5.An efficient administrator must check whether the rules and regulations are being properly implemented and followed. If in case anybody breaking the rules, it must be immediately checked.

6.Teachers and staff members need to be evaluated every time, to ensure proper implementation of the curriculum. Training should be provided to them if required.

7.Most importantly, an administrator must always ensure the safety and the security of the students. A healthy learning environment should be provided to the children.

8.An educational administrator must meet with administrative communities, superintendents, school boards as well as local, state, and federal agencies.

9.It is the responsibility of an educational administrator to counsel the students as and when required.

10. An efficient educational administrator should help to shape and uphold the vision of the school. The reputation of the school depends on the administrator itself.

Thus, there are many responsibilities of an educational administrator. The entire functioning of a school totally depends on how effectively an administrator is carrying out the process of the education system.

The basic qualities of an educational administrator are as follows:-

1.Leadership Skills -

Excellent educational administrators must have leadership skills. They cannot run a school all alone, they must surround themselves with great teachers and colleagues, and not only that, they must fully support teachers and staff by encouraging them to learn, develop and become leaders themselves. An efficient administrator must have the capability of team building. He /She must run the school with the entire team.

Leadership not only sets the stage for long-term achievement, but it ensures that there will be sustainability long after they are gone. A leader has a continuous vision for improvement that guides how they operate. They must be passionate about what they do. A leader must have the ability of both short term and long-term vision to meet the needs of his members. An effective leader takes humble decisions that may be best for the school. A leader often sacrifices his personal time to help where and when they are needed. It should be remembered that they are the face of the school. People will come and admit their child in the school, only by trusting the school administrator. Hence, whatever actions they take, directly impacts the school authority.

2.Problem solving Skills –

Since an educational administrator is the face of the school. Thus, it ensures that they are an efficient Problem solver. They are able to find effective solutions to all the problems related to the school authority. They have the skills to think outside the box. They understand that each situation is unique. An efficient administrator must analyze the problem and then try to fix it.

He should always think about the reputation and the benefits of the school. They should communicate with the staff members of the school as well as the parents on a regular basis. So, that no such grievance or problem arises. It should be sorted beforehand. An administrator must have decision-making skills. As for how to solve problems that arise, they need to make decisions. Research and analytical skills can help to make decisions. Problem-solving skills help us to determine the source of a problem and find an effective solution. Hence, an efficient educational administrator must have the quality of solving problems quickly and timely.

3.Dedication and commitment to students and faculty –

The best administrator will always think first for his children and his team members. The Dedication towards the students can be shown by making your presence in the school and by the way they address the students. An administrator must be present in all the activities conducted by the school. This will encourage the students and will motivate them. The students must be encouraged to live a disciplined life.

On the other hand, faculties too have expectations from their administrator. A good principle actively assists in planning and supports the instructions. Teachers should be helped, whenever they need, an administrator must provide positive feedback on the work done by the teachers. This will encourage the faculties and motivate them to work in a much better way. Thus it will help to build a healthy work environment. Moreover, commitment to faculties will help the administrator to hire good employees and retain high-quality teachers.

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4.Planning and organizing skills –

As an efficient educational administrator, it is important that they should set their own plans for each day, each week, and each year. This will make their work easier and will help them to work smoothly. Spending time mapping your goals and objectives, giving tasks to yourself will help an administrator to run the organization smoothly. Whatever decisions he takes, prior to that effective planning must be made. As any decision taken will entirely affect the organization. So he needs to be very careful before taking any actions.

Teachers and parents should also be engaged and they must be aware of what is happening in school. Seeking input from those who have a vested interest in what goes on at school each day is key to being a successful principal. Regular communication should take place with the parents about what their children need. An effective leader must organize everything in an effective way. So, that the functioning of the school does not get affected. As the future of the children solely depends on the school.

5.Updated on current educational trend –

It is very important for an administrator to update himself as and when required. In the field of education new thoughts, techniques and devices are rising rapidly. Thus, a leader must understand these issues, know how to communicate these new ideas to colleagues, and must be willing to incorporate as many inspiring inventions as possible. This will not only help the administration but also help in developing the school and staff. Nowadays there are many schools and it has become a business to run it successfully. Thus, to complete with the rivals, one needs to be updated.

So, that your school can stand first leaving behind all the competitors. This will encourage the parents and your school will hold a good reputation. Therefore to run an educational organization smoothly and effectively. An educational administrator must have certain qualities. How good the school totally depends on how well the administration is working.

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